Favorite Costumes

Dr. Pebbles is my favorite uniform. My mom is a veterinarian, and she  taught me everything she knows!

Some people can’t decide what they want to do when they grow up.  I believe we don’t have to limit ourselves to just one thing. I love to try on new personalities and imagine all the wonderful possibilities! (See below for the links to the costumes in case you want your own furry kid to be like me!)


Sometimes my brothers and sisters squabble or get in to trouble. Not to worry, officer Pebbles in on duty!
I love living in the country. Really, I’m just a cowgirl at heart.
Never fear, Super Pebbles is here! Up, up, and away!
Have you been naughty or nice? Santa Pebbles is making a list!
Pebbles the Pirate. Nothing is cuter. But I get SO MAD when I have to wear this costume. Mom, walk the plank for making me wear this!





Pebbles the Blind Cat teddy bear
Somewhat humiliating…









Doctor Pebbles : Pet Doctor / Nurse Costume

Officer Pebbles: Pet Officer Costume

Cowgirl Pebbles: Pet Cowboy Costume

Super Pebbles: Superhero Costume

Santa Pebbles: Santa Suit

Pirate Pebbles: Pet Pirate Costume

Pebbles the Bear:Teddy Bear


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