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You Really Can Choose Who You Love – Cultivating an Attitude of Caring

Pebbles the blind cat choose who you love

You hear it all the time. “You can’t choose who you love.” Whoever made up that corny, cliched phrase clearly doesn’t understand love. Of course you can choose who you love! And you choose it every day.

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Top 10 Cat Rules Humans Must Obey

Pebbles the Blind Cat Brother Milton cat rules

I am very disappointed that I have to write this. There exists an unspoken, and yet clearly universally defined, set of cat rules that deserve attention. Any human who shares their home with a feline should be well aware of this. But, alas, it is not always so. Therefore, it is with exasperation that I have been compelled to assemble this list. Nevertheless, in the hopes that I may save at least one of my felineĀ friendsĀ from unnecessary grief, I present to you the top 10 cat rules that all humans must obey.

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Why Does My Cat… Answers to the Most Googled Cat Questions

Why does my cat hate water

Why does my cat… it’s a valid question. As a group, we felines have a reputation for being quite mysterious. Far be it from me to destroy your illusions. But since you asked…

Calling on my Mom for assistance, I decided to compile a list of the top five “why does my cat” google predictions (at least today’s predictions…). And don’t forget to check out my “Why Does My Dog” post. So here they are in descending order. Google’s top five cat inquiries:

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Why does my Dog… Answers to the Most Googled Dog Questions

Pebbles the Blind Cat sister Linnie

Dr. Google knows everything, right? It can even predict what you are about to ask. And some things you might never even think to ask. So that made me wonder. What are people asking Google about us felines and our canine friends? Don’t forget to check out my “Why Does My Cat…” post as well!

So I (with the help of Mom, of course) did my own google search to find out what questions would pop up. And I feel fairly confident that with my keen feline intellect I will be able to delve deep into the animal psyche to uncover answers to the public’s burning questions. So here they are in descending order of google recommendation (for today, at least). The top five google “why does my dog” inquiries:

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Forget Resolutions – How to REALLY Change Your Life Forever

Pebbles the Blind Cat New Year's Resolutions

People do strange things. That’s a given But what’s up with all these crazy New Year’s resolutions? Smells like dog poo to me. Seriously, people, do you really need to come up with a list of things, year after year, just so you can, yet again, disappoint yourself?

Well, I’m here to tell you that there is a better way, a more effective way, to be your best self. So please put that list of New Year’s resolutions in the litter box where it belongs. This year really can be the year that you change for good.

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