Birthday Wisdom – What I’ve Learned in My First Year

Pebbles the Blind Cat Birthday

Happy birthday to me! As of November 10th 2017, I am officially one year old. And what a year it has been. This time last year I was homeless and sick, and look at me now!

A birthday is a great time to reflect on our accomplishments and progress. In thinking back over the past year of my life I came up with ten very valuable life lessons we should all apply in our lives.

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Accept Help from Others

Admittedly I am very independent. All I ask is that I get my food on time. Other than that, I’ve got the rest under control. I never ask for help getting up and down, I never complain when I (on rare occasion) get too excited and run into a wall. And, for goodness sake, I get slightly irked when Mom tries to carry me around like a baby. I have even been known to scratch her for this humiliating practice. Really, I am over a year old now!

But a recent event with Brother Gordon did teach me that a little help is occasionally acceptable. We were sitting on the kitchen table when I heard it! The most wonderful, tantalizing buzz above my head, just out of reach. We both became very excited, and I began jumping around in an attempt to capture the invader! But it was to no avail. It was just out of my reach. My heart was broken.

But suddenly to my great joy (giant) Brother Gordon sprung from our lookout on the table and grabbed the little buzzer in mid air! He brought it down to the table, just within my reach. I was elated to find that it was still alive! Quick as lightening I pounced and consumed the dastardly creature in an instant. Success!

None of that would have been possible without the help of Gordon. So, although I hate to admit it, we all can use a little help from time to time.

Pebbles the Blind Cat Hunts with Gordon

9. Be Open to New Friends

Although felines are not know for their acceptance of new friends, I have to say that I am really glad that Baby Brother Milton finally grew on me. Sure, he can be a little over the top sometimes, but I’m usually glad to have an adventure partner to play with. Mom sometimes calls us “two peas in a pod”. That kinda makes me want to place a hairball in her shoe…

Introducing Cats - Pebbles the Blind Cat
It was hard at first, but now Milton and I are two peas in a pod!

8. Keep Swatting Until You Hit Something

I may not be able to see what’s going on, but that really just makes me all the more determined. I am a little bossy-pants, and I’m proud of it! If a sibling wants to get in a paw-slap match, I will not back down. It irks me to no end when one of them decides to play “slap and dash”. But you better believe that I will determinedly swat the air until I make some sort of contact with someone (sorry, curious Milton). Don’t ever give up, no matter what!

7. Sleep Often

Really, why should I even have to mention this? Poor, clueless humans haven’t quite figured out what felines just instinctively know. How can you catch the mice and bugs you need if you’re body is not adequately rested? People, seriously. Just go take a nap!

6. Save Some Toilet Paper for Next Time!

Good grief, humans can get way too emotional about nothing. If they don’t want you to play with it, why on earth do they dangle these perfect little soft rolls of delight at perfect paw reach? Seriously, this is one of my favorite things in the world! From the moment I accidentally discovered it on the bathroom wall that day, I have taken it upon myself to periodically remove the wonderful toy from the roll and gleefully shred it in the floor. Unfortunately I have discovered that this is a finite resource. If I unroll it all at once, there will be no more for next time. So, plan ahead. And don’t be left stranded with an empty roll.

Pebbles the Blind Cat play with TP

5. Ask for what you want – sometimes you just might get it! 

Surely you know this by now. Humans are slow sometimes, definitely not skilled in the subtleties of non-verbal communication. And yet, so often they become oddly affronted when someone can’t read their mind. Really, people? Just say what you mean, and ask for what you want. And just stop being disappointed when others need you to clearly articulate what you expect of them.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks 

Pebbles the Blind Cat Up High

I’m a cat. It’s not risky. But Mom freaks out every time I try something new or climb to new heights. Now, how on earth is a cat supposed to learn and be… well, a cat, if she is kept in a protective bubble? No one, humans, felines, or even canines is meant to be static. Besides, the fear and anticipation of trying something “scary” is usually way worse than actually doing it. The best things in life happen on the other side of a terrifying risk.

3. Check First – Then Leap! 

I’ve heard this old cliche before. Hmm. I didn’t really get it. Until…. Well, this is embarrassing. Really, I’ve lived nearly my entire life in this house. I know every wall, corner, furniture, and smell in and out. And I love jumping on the cold, porcelain seat in the bathroom. It’s the perfect place to perch and just contemplate life. Ask Dad. He’ll sit on it for an extremely long time and just want to be alone with his thoughts.

So one day there I was, just wanting to sit and contemplate the next steps in my plan to overthrow the canines. I took the pre-determined necessary leap to rest on top of the porcelain seat. When to my utter astonishment and dismay I didn’t land on the seat as expected. I plunged into a deep and terrifying pit of water! I grabbed on to the side of the seat, knowing if I let go I might sink deep into the vast, watery abyss, never to return! Frantically I was able to pull myself to safety, gasping for air.

I am still trying to determine what caused the portal to open. No luck yet. However, I assure you that I will not repeat that mistake again. So, while it is great to take risks, always know where you’re going before you find yourself in deep water!

Pebbles the Blind Cat in the Bathroom

2. When in Doubt, Blame the Dog

What are canine siblings good for if not to blame for undesirable things? Dad is especially easy to manipulate. He always says, “Bless her heart. She has no eyes. You can’t get mad at her!” Oh, so true!

But I have found that even in the most dire of circumstances the silly canines are perfect patsies to take the fall for all minor infractions I feel inclined to commit. Who tore up the paper towels? Why, it was the canines, of course! Who peed in the sink? Obviously a canine did it! Who farted? Well, it certainly wasn’t me! It must have been the goofy canine. Where is my sandwich? Hmm, there’s the dog. Ask her!

You see my point, surely. We all have our roles to play in this life. One role is not above another. So whether you are the intellectually superior feline or the less than savvy canine, find your part in this life and play it well!

Pebbles the Blind Cat sister Linnie

1. Be Grateful

So simple, and yet so true. If I have learned nothing else in my first year of life, it is this. There is so much in the world to be grateful for. Gratitude is not a feeling. It is a choice to live every day focusing on the blessings we have all been given. Bad things are a part of everyone’s life. I have had some difficulties. But anyone can choose to experience true joy every day just by being grateful. And really, learning to live a life of gratitude joy, and love, despite the struggles, is what it’s all about.

But it never hurts to give a girl some birthday presents!

Until next time – Keeping Pebbles Strong!

Really, Mom? No…… Just, no. 

Pebbles the Blind Cat Birthday Hat
I hope I’m getting something better than this for my birthday!
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