Top 5 Halloween Treats for Dogs and Cats

Pebbles the Blind Cat In a Superhero Halloween Costume - But she just really wants the treats
Super Pebbles is one of my favorite Halloween Costumes!

I love Halloween. What’s not to love? Of course I get to show off my adorable costumes. But, hello! Treats! So today I decided to recruit my canine sister, Linnie, to collaborate on our top 5 favorite cat and top 5 favorite dog treats for the upcoming holiday.

But here is my disclaimer. Treats are treats, not food or supplements. They are meant to be eaten in small portions on rare occasions. So if your furry kids get fat, don’t blame me. Remember, don’t love your kids with food! Your attention is the best treat you can give them!

The links included are affiliate links, meaning I may receive commission if you make a purchase. However, I only include items that we use and love at our house.

Cat Treats


Purina Friskies Party Mix – Can I say “yummy”??? Ok, so my mom isn’t thrilled with the nutrition profile of these treats, but occasionally she lets me indulge in one or two.


I do feel obligated to include a less indulgent, slightly healthier (approved by my vet mom) treat. These little tasties are for those of us who love the softer treats. And as an added bonus they are slightly less fattening than many of the traditional cat treats. After all, a glamour girl like me has to look after her figure!


Next on the list are the delightful little Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Cats. Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) approved to keep my smile beautiful, these little spongy, fishy treats are irresistible! The vote is not unanimous among my feline siblings, but I certainly can’t resist them!


Yet another VOCH approved entry on my list. Greenies are so, so good. And they are Dr. Mom recommended also. They come in several flavors, but chicken is my favorite, for sure! And according to the label, I can get over 10 per day. But apparently Mom doesn’t read labels. It’s for my dental health, okay?!


Drum-roll, please. Picking my number one was super easy. And the winner is …TEMPTATIONS . This is, in fact, the unanimous choice in our house! These may not be the healthiest on the list, but it is Halloween, after all. I must confess that I often try to steal human food from Mom and Dad (a big no-no, sadly). But all Mom has to do is shake the treat bag, and I’ll happily run to the bedroom. I have Mom trained very well. These come in several varieties, but my favorite is TEMPTATIONS MixUps . They basically just dump all the flavors in one box of joy. I could eat the whole thing!

So, to be fair to the canines and their humans I feel obligated to include a list of treats for the dogs. Because I will never understand my canine friends and their taste preference (poop, seriously?!), I decided to consult with my Border Collie – Dachshund mix sister, Linnie.

Dog Treats

Linnie the Border Collie Dachshund waits for her daily dental treat
Linnie Waits Patiently for her Morning Dental Treat


People Food! Linnie made me put this on here, but Mom adamantly objected. As a vet, she treats a lot of dogs for serious illnesses (pancreatitis, diabetes, obesity) because they eat people food. But there are a few doctor approved bites that may be okay for your pooch. Fruits and veggies are a good option (apples, melons, bananas, carrots). Never give grapes, raisins, onions, avocado, macadamia nuts, among other things. But a great option for weight management for dogs is No Salt Green Beans . These are high in fiber, low in calories. And, lets be honest. Dogs are not brilliant. If you give them one bean, they will think you gave them a steak.


Pill Pockets aren’t exactly treats, but they are tasty! These are perfect to hide pills, but they are even better for training treats. You and I both know that dogs need a lot of training. Small treats (like a tiny pinch from a pill pocket) are the perfect texture and size to motivate the canines to obey your commands without over-indulging. And if you get the large capsule size, these are great to break up and share with us cats, also!


Linnie goes crazy over these Ideal Balance treats. They are crunchy and look a lot like something a dog would eat. There is no accounting for canine taste!


Dental hygiene is super important for all of us, but especially for those that think poop is a delicacy.  VOHC approved for canine teeth are the C.E.T. VeggieDent Chews. These are very firm, but the dogs go crazy over them. They help scrape a lot of the (unspeakable) junk off the dogs’ teeth that no respectable feline would ever dream of eating.


By a unanimous canine vote (and doctor approved) the number one dog treat is Greenies Dental Dog Chews. Greenies are great for a number of reasons. The dogs go crazy over them, they are also VOHC approved. But they also come in several sizes and varieties including Hip & Joint Care , Lite, and Senior formulas.

Now you have no excuses this Halloween for excluding your dogs and cats from enjoying the festivities. Remember to have fun and always snack responsibly!

Until next time – Keeping Pebbles Strong!



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