Why do People Complain About Laundry So Much?

Pebbles the Blind Cat observes Mom folding laundry

So, listen up, guys. People complain. I mean, a lot. And, to be honest, I’ve even done it myself before. Maybe. Once. Ever. But let’s talk about this for a minute. Because, after all is said and done, what do most of us really have to complain about, anyway?

Okay, so don’t worry. This isn’t going to be one of those “it could be worse” speeches or “think about how bad things are for the dump-off animals.” No, I really just want to be rational and positive here. Seriously, let’s take a moment and be grateful while we fold some clothes together.

This morning Mom huffed as she put another arm full of laundry on the counter to fold. She hates that chore. This morning she grumbled and told me all about it.

“Pebbles,” she said , “I really don’t mind the sorting, loading, drying, and all that. But for some reason it just irks me to have to fold and put away these clothes all the time.”

I just stared blankly at her. As all cats know, laundry is the best chore in the house. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, better than a fresh load of laundry right out of the dryer. I don’t necessarily understand the humans on this one. But I think it might just be a matter of mindset.

Now, don’t get me wrong, even cats have things we don’t want to do. But, alas, we are nonetheless diligent in fulfilling our feline duties. Have you ever imagined what we have to go through to maintain our beautiful coats? Believe me, it is a lot of work. But it’s worth it, right? When I feel my soft, luxurious coat and hear the wonderful comments I get from my family I know that my labors were well spent. But the actual grooming part. Well, us felines take that part very seriously. And that’s the point I’m getting at here.

Mom, this laundry is not going to fold itself.

It’s gotta get done. Unfortunately for me, the clothes can’t stay out on the counter forever (according to silly human standards, anyway). So the way I see it, there are a few ways we can approach the sensitive subject that is folding clothes.

Number One :

We can just not do it at all. And, really, why isn’t that a viable option. That seems to be something that very few consider. When faced with a tedious or unpleasant task, who says you have to actually do it? This means it is time to prioritize. Make a list (yes, I said it!). Make a list at the beginning of every day of “Good, Better, and Best” things that need to get done. Start with the best and work down from there. So some good things may not get accomplished, but you can go to sleep (or take your cat nap) knowing that you at least got the essentials completed for the day. And if it’s not essential, why are you so stressed about it, anyway?

But, wait. What’s that you say? You say folding clothes is something that must get done? Okay, then that leads us to

Number Two:

Do it, but just don’t complain about it. I once read that complaining drains about 85% of our energy and motivation for the task at hand. (Ok, so I totally made that up. What cat can read with no eyes, anyway?). But it has to be true, right? Has any duty in the history of the world ever gotten finished sooner, better, or more easily by whining about it? (Sorry, Mom. I’m just being honest, here.)

My canine sister, Emily likes to go backpacking with Mom and Dad. She does well, generally speaking. However, I’ve heard stories that after about 20 or so miles in she starts to slow down, drag behind, and just generally turn into a wimp (canines, right?!). Dad is a softie. Sometimes he just picks her up and totes her for a short distance. But really it comes down to one simple fact. When you’re out on the trail a million miles from nowhere, when you’re tired and all you want to do is go home and lay down, there is only one way to get there. Laying down on the trail, dragging your feet, and whimpering about how awful it is only makes it more awful. The only way to get back home is to focus, push through, and move ahead. The only thing you have to do right now,right in this moment is take one step. 

But why do we have to “suffer through”, or “suck it up?” Well, the last option (and best, in this cat’s not – so -humble opinion) is

Number Three:

Choose to have a good attitude. What? Is that even a thing? Yes, you can choose which litter tray to use, which arm of the chair to scratch, or exactly how many seconds of a belly rub you will endure before drawing your paw swords, but can you really choose to be happy while folding laundry? Well, the way I see it, positivity is more of a state of being or a habit than a feeling. Feelings can come and go, but your outlook on life, your attitude is 100% in your control. Every day when you wake up and step in the cat puke you can say, “Yep, it’s one of those days. Nothing ever goes right for me.” And you will be correct. Or you can decide to say, “Hmmm. Let me wash my foot and then go enjoy the beautiful sunrise. Today is going to be phenomenal.” And you will be correct. I’m just saying, if you practice focusing on the positive things, you will be amazed at how many positives there are to focus on.

So, Mom, no disrespect here. But please stop complaining about folding clothes all the time. I know you’re gonna do it, anyway. So you know what? If you follow my lead we can both purr about it instead, get it done faster, and go get some cat treats!

Pebbles the Blind Cat contemplates why people complain so much

Until next time – Keeping Pebbles Strong!




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  1. Susan Copeland | 22nd Sep 17

    I guess this good advice applies to towels on my sofa!! Keep the post coming Pebbles! Had no idea Pebbles is blind!!

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